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About Candi

I am Candice, but you can call me Candi. 

Other than my business, my hubby {Dave} and 3 dogs {Ginger, Buster, Cooper} are the loves of my life. If we're not on the couch snuggling, then we are out enjoying nature either walking on the beach, kayaking, snowmobiling, gardening and hitting up tag sales and flea markets.  I LOVE to travel! The more cultural the place the better...and if it's warm and near a beach, even better!

I notice I've mentioned 'the beach' twice already! It really centers and calms me, probably more so since I got married on a beach in Cape Cod 13 years ago.

I can be a risk taker for my business but don't like change much in my personal life.  Although I love to be spontanious.  I have a thing for Country Western Dancing, but really can't stand the music.  I do love 80's music though and can sing the hell out of any Bon Jovi song.

My guilty pleasures are reality TV, jackets and coats(I don't know what it is but I have SO many and wear them all, too) brownies and Carvel Ice Cream Cake, as I have one every year for my February...I know the wrong season for ice cream cake! 

There are a few sayings that have really stuck with me.  The first being "Bloom where you are planted"  As much as I travel, I always love coming home to my house and my family. The second is "Don't let it rent space in your head"  It's not as easy as it sounds but I'm still trying to conquer this one.

I am a hippie at heart, maybe born too late, but I feel love should conquer all.  My style is a bit all over, it can be hippie-ish (I can't wait for bell-bottoms to be back on trend), I love to wear bright colors,  patterns and faux fur is a must.  I like to be matchy-matchy and also like to mix-match....I feel that once you know the rules, you can break them.

I've been known to color a few strands of hair to match my weddings color story, why not? Hair grows back.

I like to tell stories and have funny ones.... like the few times I designed flowers for 50cent's grandmother at his mansion in CT ...ask me about it sometime! 

I often tell it like it is, but try to do so with compassion and empathy. I can hang with the best of them but prefer to be around people who make me laugh and can laugh at themselves because I'm always making fun of myself.  I love a good "your mother's so..."  joke and you'll often hear me say "that's what she said".  I am silly and harmless unless you mess with my family, which is what you get when you're the baby of the family and youngest of 4 sisters! YIKES! My poor parents as we were going through our teenage years with only one house line... Call Waiting was a life saver!

My parents can be blamed for my talent.  They started my love for gardening, so it was only natural that my first job was at a garden center. One day the boss needed someone to design in the flower shop and threw me into the fire.   It was then that I realized I had an eye for designing and a natural talent.  I quickly turned my sights  towards specialized floral design and worked for many years, all over CT, to hone my craft. The first wedding I designed was my sister's, at Terrywile Mansion, over 20 years ago, and....... I was hooked!  I had fun decorating the Governor's Mansion for Christmas, learning under AIFD scholars, and managing many flower shops, but knew that weddings and events is where my heart lay. Hence I started my own business, Candi’s Floral Creations, over 15 years ago. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Now pick up your phone, dial my number so that I may enjoy getting to know about you and your special day!

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